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Diary 2016-05-31

This is my first diary in my Blogs. I’ll continue to write my diary in English.
To improve my English level, I must keep remembering the words, listen to TED or speech and write the diary.

Today morning, I got up at 7:00 a.m. After a simple wash gargle, then I got out. It’s really a bad thing that I ate a bowl of Wuhan hot-dry noodles, due to the aunt of mensa haven’t caught my words. It’s so dry that I ate hardly. But during I went to the lab, I saw a piece of micro garden, very beautiful. May I haven’t seen the campus for a long time, many changes is going, But I missed. Here are some pictures I took when I passed by.
Beside Shaw building
From here We can see a green lawn, flowers, small trees, and Animal science Building.


Of course, more than these micro garden, maybe I need to take more pictures of them and do a project.